Professional graduate-level certificate in sustainability from HARVARD

After two years of hard work and study, I’m finally celebrating my Sustainability Professional Graduate-level Certificate from […]

Frase de la Semana – Email

Email is a to-do list given to you by other people.  -Alexia Tsotsis

Perfecto para fin de año… Musica que da ganas de cantar, bailar y vivir

Una canción perfecta para ésta época de fin de año.  FELICES FIESTAS PARA TODOS!!!… salud y felicidad […]

Neil’s Armstrong (RIP) – Goodbye to the first moonwalker

  A small tribute to a man who made history for humankind.   The most famous footprint […]

A «small» Project with growing impact in Uganda. New NGO!!!

This is a post I wanted to do since last year… fortunately the delay to post is […]

RIO+20 C’mon!!!… Vamos que vamos!!!

  @ Rio+20 – Count Me in Show the World that you support Sustainable Development. Put your […]

The World on the Edge – a book review

One of my assignments in Harvard -Extension School- for the last fall term course on Sustainability (November […]

Quote of the week – simple, compelling and clever

I have a new name for what has been called the ‘developing world’. It’s called ‘the world’ […]

¡Internet no debe ser censurada! – Protesta WIKIPEDIA

REPLICANDO… La iniciativa de ley SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) de los Estados Unidos perjudicaría seriamente la libertad de expresión […]


The paper I wrote for graduation from the MBA program, Universidade Católica de Brasilia – Universa. 2009. […]

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