Quote of the week – To be a Social Entrepreneur

To be a social entrepreneur, you have to be misunderstood for at least ten years ~ Bunker […]

Quote of the week – simple, compelling and clever

I have a new name for what has been called the ‘developing world’. It’s called ‘the world’ […]

Frase de la Semana – Your dream

“If your dream does not scare you, then it’s not big enough.” ~ OH @SkollWorldForum

Frase de la Semana – Uma nova língua

“Aprenda uma nova língua e ganhe uma nova alma”. – Provérbio Tcheco

Frase de la Semana – Language 2

“Language is the dress of thought.”  – Samuel Johnson

Frase de la Semana – Language

Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery. – Mark […]

Frase de la semana – Life is a banquet

“Life is truly a banquet, so don’t get stuck at the salad bar.” – Bobbe Sommer

Frase de la semana – Needs and Greeds

“This world has enough to meet the “needs” of everybody, but not the “greeds” of everybody.” – […]

Frase de la semana – Sustentabilidade

“Se pensamos que herdamos esse planeta de nossos avós e pais, estamos totalmente enganados, pois o planeta […]

Frase de la semana – choices

“The choices you make and the way you live your life can often inspire people to make […]

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