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FABIO PADILLA – Inspirational Speaker

An idealist with the practical vision of an engineer and the passion of a sportsman!



Engineer with MBA in Projects Management and specialized in Management Systems. International experience planning and developing projects in a variety of industries. His wide professional career lets him deliver a message of interesting concepts, funny insights and hope to the audiences.  A call to action for everyone!

◊ Key strengths

  • Multinational – Multicultural professional experience: NOKIA, IBM, National Engineering Companies, ITF… and more.  Fluent in English and Portuguese, native Spanish.
  • Entrepreneurial experience with Engineering Assistance and Extreme Sports, among others.
  • 15 years experience, 8 with engineering projects in several industries, 7 in the non profit sector
  • Leadership and teamwork.  Ability to interact effectively with personnel of any professional level.
  • Fighter spirit, contagious happiness and “touching” life story.


“After the work accident I had in 2000; life turned my focus from engineering to social projects: leadership, sports, volunteerism and many other motivational subjects, became part of my daily life.  I was the leader of The Silver Fund Project for Colombia, part of a worldwide effort to bring rehabilitation, happiness and opportunities to people with disabilities in developing countries through wheelchair tennis.  This project involves contacts with various vulnerable communities. Beneficiaries include victims of landmines and violence in Colombia, with special focus on children and women. A very rewarding job!

“I know the extraordinary power of a well structured and customized message.  I understand how business and companies work and I have overcome challenging situations in life -with many stories to share- my presentations are transformational seeds generating accomplishments for your company”.

Fabio atracting children to sport

FABIO lives in Brasilia DF, Brazil since 2008.  Recently he finished an MBA in Projects Management at Universidade Catolica de Brasilia and is a 2009 graduated from GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY: LEADERSHIP FOR GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS Program in Washington DC, with participants from 13 countries from Latin-America and Europe, where he knew and learned directly from leaders and Chief Officers of global organizations like IDB (Interamerican Development Bank), World Bank, United Nations, diverse Embassies, International NGOs, Multinational Companies, among others.  His photos of personal  encounters on this enriching experience go from Barack Obama and Senator McCain to José María Aznar and other former presidents.

Entertained and out of common learning

In his continuous battle to demonstrate the unlimited possibilities of a person with a disability, Fabio has built a great relationship with media; with a nice sense of humor and the countless reasons to enjoy life despite unexpected changes.

Currently he is working on other projects as a result of his engagement with Georgetown University GCL Program – McDonough School of Business.

Awards and acknowledgments FABIO has won as a Leader and Sportsman

  • Gold, silver and bronze medals. National Paralympic Games in Colombia – 2004 and 2008
  • National award “Star of Hope” from CIREC Foundation in Colombia, for his work leading and promoting wheelchair tennis.

Fabio receiving the «Star of Hope» award from Jean Claude Bessudo («The Apprentice» TV show host)

  • Third place in Bogota and Soacha half marathons 2005 – Handcycle racer.
  • Winner of scholarships with JICA in Japan (Tokyo and Hiroshima) and with Ardila Lulle business group for GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY (Washington DC) through national contests.
  • ITF (International Tennis Federation) considers Colombian Silver Fund Project as one of the most successful in the world.
  • Winner ESPN Latin-America contest for Andre Agassi’s signed racquet to “the best reason to win”.
  • Special prize from Discovery Channel, program SURVIVORS, for the story of his life and accident with NOKIA.
  • Many cups and medals as participant of the NEC Wheelchair Tennis tour, with more than 120 tournaments yearly around the world (Florida-USA, Ontario-Canada, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, etc.)
  • Finalist (among 152 proposals from 23 countries) of IADB Interamerican Development Bank’s contest, World of Solutions: Innovations for People with Disabilities – 2009.
  • Honourable Mention Bogotá Council «for his invaluable contribution to paralympic sport«
  • Acknowledgment Mention – Senate from Republic of Colombia
  • COCA-COLA special prize Latin Center Division, in acknowledgment to «the work that contributes to build a better country«. «Toma lo bueno» Campaign.
  • Translator and Reviewer of TED Talks, Ideas worth Spreading

Also many interviews on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers related with both his career as a wheelchair tennis player and also his daring adventures as an Extreme sports entrepreneur.

FABIO likes to share experiences, mistakes and what he learned from them to be a happy person, with passion for life and always looking for new challenges



PERSONAL GROWTH – Leadership, Motivation and Change

  • Motivational Leadership: Inspiring actions, generating change
  • Leadership for Global Competitiveness
  • What do you stand for? Awakening our leadership potential with a Global Vision
  • Achieving the Impossible. I also can do it!
  • CHANGE.  Eagerly awaited, unexpected or Inevitable. How to keep moving forward?…

THE 21st CENTURY COMPANY, Work safety, Proactive Teams and Sustainability

  • Work Safety: Accidents and other stories.  ¡First step to become “unbeatable” is to stop
    believing that you are!
  • CSR Corporate Social Responsibility.  The new standard to strengthen your corporate Image while helping to make a better Future

BUSINESS TOPICS PORTFOLIO – Projects, Management and Entrepreneurship

  • Demystifying Project and Quality Systems. ¡Simple, Effective, Better!… Learn how to!
  • Entrepreneurship. From the Idea to Business Plan
  • Strategic Planning and Projects, where does your organization want to be?

FOR BREAKS IN EVENTS: Quick shots: Funny and easy “Portunhol”, Global Facts, Impossible but true, Biomimicry, Tennis and mental control (practical techniques), and others based on customer requests.


  • Biomimicry, the new discipline for Human Development (Design, Engineering, Organizational Improvement, etc.)
  • Swarms.  Learning from nature to improve performance of our organizations.  (New discipline with new software and telecommunications tools)

Depending on time restrictions, presentations or training would include workshops and group dynamics to reinforced messages in a humorous and integrating atmosphere.  Also available Lectures and Special Training based on your organization’s requirements

Family time outdoors.  Wow!!!…. fish!

Enjoying life despite obstacles and other’s disbelief.
Sandboard in Fortaleza, Brazil

An idealist with the practical vision of an engineer and the passion of a sportsman!



Contact: [email protected]